Going to High School next year

Im in 8th grade and im freak’n out. My science teacher said that most of us wouldn’t make it to the 9th grade.I go to Hand Middle so all most every kid that has gone to Hand WILL go to Dreher.And my ex boyfriend is in the 9th grade at Dreher,but I hate him.Every time I see his dumazz all ways has something smart. I also want to be a vet so what classes should I take?(all my classes are AAP excluding math)

Answer #1

I also want to be a vet. freshman year I took honors bio this year hoors chem and next year im going to do AP bio (at my school honors si the highest you can go until AP in junior year) im still not sure what ill be doing senior year but just make sure that you get really good grades and take an honors chem and bio course. good luck

Answer #2

I think that maybe your teacher said that because, many in the class aren’t doing well? Or maybe that they wouldn’t make it IN the 9th grade, due to maturity level or work ethic.

Answer #3

well, not sure about what classes you should take… but dont worry… and your teacher cant tell you that because its not true… most students dont fail! your young, live life, forget the past(including your ex)

Answer #4

Thank you Sprtyhrseqrl1

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