Can I get a GED still in middle school?

I’m in middle school and would like to get my G.E.D. is it posabule? I have a job after school I would like to work the full amount of time the law would allow and I am sick of school I know I can pass the test but I have no won who will willingly sign the papers for me also I’m posabley going to a tech school next year and if I have my G.E.D. could I just attend the classes on trairts

im sick of school and wont to move out as soon as im 18 so it would help a lot to get it if posabul

Answer #1

so if you want to move out at 18 why would you quit middle school?? Also I dont think its possible sense I think they want you to have social skills

Answer #2

ya I discussed it with my parents and they yelled at me and said im using it as a way to wast my life away and sit around on the pipe and that im stupid and its not a good idea and they got really made and yelled at me for like an hour

as for the spelling im dyslexic and all letter look piratically the same to me

Answer #3

dude you need to stay in skool because your job may seem like you got a lot of money now but when you graduate your going to be stuck at that job because its nearly impossible to get a good job without a highskool deploma!

Answer #4

Hm…well not to sound rude or anything (too late!), but you need to stay in school and learn how to spell. Middle school is way too early to be thinking about a ged. You need to stay and get your regular diploma. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but you need to hear it from someone. Have you discussed this with your parents?

Answer #5

I think you should Finish High School Hun !!

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