How do I actually feel like I'm lucid dreaming?

Hey everybody!

So I’ve learned everything about how to lucid dream and everything. I became aware that I was dreaming in a dream and then knew where I was but was still dreaming, and I tried to change my dream and I’m just like “Hey, why doesn’t it feel like I’m actually dreaming? I’m lucid dreaming! Woohoo!” and I spun around to keep the dream going. Then the dream went blank and I thought “Okay, what do I wanna do? I want to go make out with my boyfriend.” The image didn’t change or anything! I don’t get it. Someone please help me. Thank you so much!

Answer #1

:p yeh sometimes it doesnt work, I think it mostly does when you really want it. Once I met this person on the internet, and in my dream I thought ‘’I want to see what he looks like ‘’ and a nerd showed up infront of me, and turns out the guy was actually pretty hot in real life. It was hilarious XD

Answer #2

lol I’ve done that a few times too.. youre probably thinking too hard

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