Can anyone else feel stuff in their dreams?

Can anyone else feel stuff in their dreams? I can. I really can and when I wake up I can still remember what it felt like. Its lots of different stuff too like if I kiss someone in a dream I can feel it, or if I have a tear on my face I can feel that it is wet and I can feel the person’s touch when they wipe it away. or one time in a dream I cut my hand on a broken lightbulb and I felt that too. So is this weird or not?

Answer #1

sometimes I can feel it sometimes I cant like the other day I had a dream someone was biting my lip and I could feel it

Answer #2

happened it me a lot. like the popular dream of falling and never hitting the ground, it feels like going on a roller coaster, I felt sick and scared in the morning. once I kissed this guy in my dream and felt it when I woke up. I’ve never felt dream pain before. just fear, confusion, sadness, rage I think, and joy of course, that guy was HOT! except for 1 time, I had a dream that 4 some reason, my crush was at my house, on my livingroom couch, kissing someone else!

Answer #3

ALWAYS even pain…

Answer #4

oh ya, I get those dreams all the time

Answer #5

I’ve had them before. no where near as weird as dreaming something and the next day it happens, actually if I say cry in a dream, I wake up actually crying.

Answer #6

Lol, I’ve felt someone kissing me before XD It’s niiice ROFL I don’t usually feel pain, but I can feel other stuff. Sometimes I wonder if when I’m asleep, I’ll accidentally hit something and dream I was beating someone up, I don’t know. :p

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