Who feels like there life is a dream ?

I have recently been feeling like my life is a dream. life something is just off. I want 2 feel normal again. so please can someone tell me what to do. im kinda glad 2 know that there are others out there. but im not sure, if its the exact same feeling. but im glad someone has feelings like this .

Answer #1

I often think that, that nothing really has a purpose because you’re just going to wake up in the end. the only way I can stop myself thinking this is to stop thinking about it all together and take life pne step at a time, concentrate on the present,not the past or future.

Answer #2

I can see where your coming from. sometimes I catch myself doing things or certain things happen and I ask myself if im in a dream or not. its all about putting yourself back in reality

Answer #3

well… it is not a dream, meaby you are not useing it well… taking the chances to enjoy and you are wasting it??? Ahve you tried making something out of everyday??? Something that is like and adventure and your life becomes something…

Because I know my life is not a dream…


Answer #4

I some what agree if santanheadbangstometal what da end but somewat I do feel like ma life is a dream because some stuff that happens is unbeilivable and make me cry everynight but den at somepoint I feel like ma life is wasting away

Answer #5

I wouldn’t say my life feels like a dream. I sometimes feel like my life is just wasting away. Like I’m not really doing anything.

Answer #6

Yeah, I feel like that all the time. Do you sometime’s think your going crazy from it?? It freaks me out heap’s I’m also glad that there are other’s out there who are feeling the same as me :) Hopefully it’ll pass soon just keep believing everything is real.

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