Can anyone here lucid dream?

IS there any one here who nos who to lucid dream. lucid dreaming is where you are like planing the dream in your head while your starting to fall asleep then when you are asleep youll have that dream. I no I do almost every night but does anyone else do it?

Answer #1

I can most of the time its the only way I can fall asleep is to lay down and start planning a dream in my head I eitehr continue with that dream or I sleep dreamlessly and remember the dream I was thinking about

Answer #2

I dont usually do it, but sometimes I just think about things like good things that I want to happen to me…and sometimes they show up in my dreams. if anything, its a nice way to fall asleep. I didnt know it had a name.

Answer #3

eating babies? um eww

Answer #4

We do that a lot. Well, for me myself personally, It’s more being in a dream, knowing I’m dreaming, and then controlling the events that happen before I wake up. I much enjoy eating babies in my dreams :D ^ This is loversxplauge’s friend. :O baby lovers, don’t flame her, flame me :D

Answer #5

ya, its kinda hard caz you have 2 like no your dreaming, when your dreaming, then you have 2 stay asleep. I luv when I lucide dream.

Answer #6

i can lucid dream. not always though. when i lucid dream, i just think what i would like to happen durring i sleep and it happens. while i dream, anything i want to happen, happens.

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