Why do I feel like I want a baby after having this dream?

The last few nights I have been having this dream where im in hospital and I have a baby. Its a strange dream though because I get really sick in it and faint but then all of a sudden theres lots of people standing around watching me feed the baby. I also cant see the baby’s face in the dream all I can see is a pink blanket. Its really weird… But well anyway when I wake up I have this awful feeling in my stomach and I really want a baby so much. I actually woke up crying this morning… Its strange though because im only 18 and im in my first year of college so babies are the last thing on my mind at the moment.. Any ideas why I wake up feeling like this ?? Xo:)

Answer #1

Given the amount of information we know about you, no… The feeling of wanting a baby is simply stemming from the dream. A lot of people would want something if they dreamt of this real thing in their hands and now they wake up and it’s gone… The question is, why did you have the dream in the first place…

Possible theories… Have you recently split up with a boyfriend, or lost touch with a friend, or moved away from home? Sometimes loneliness or wanting love can explain it…

Are you unsure what you want to do with the rest of your life? Or maybe you’re scared you wont make it? Sometimes it’s easier thinking of having a baby and being a mom, and not screwing up at that job…

The most obvious would be, is anyone around or near to you pregnant or just had kids?

Answer #2

it may have started when you were ovulating nature every once in while fires at you and tells you to reproduce ( thats the bio clock people are always talking about) but it may have coinsided with a time when you were emotionally sensitive and raised the impact, you began worrying about it and so it recurrs maybe you need to go over your feelings with a fine tooth comb and focus on that instead it could be just the tiniest thing that triggered it…. goodluck

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