anyone else get dejavu where they feel like it's a dream?

does anyone else get dejavu where they feel like theyve seen this in a dream or something like that?

Answer #1

when you get deja vu its like a mysterious feeling it feels pretty good but also very perplexing

Answer #2

I read in a book that it actually means your on the right track in life, Meaning before you were born in this life time you were in heaven and you wrote your life story, so every once in a while you get deja vu.

Answer #3

yea I knew it was two but didnt know if it was deja vu or de javu

Answer #4

yeah but I can understand why :)

Answer #5

yup . but it feels weird .

Answer #6

deja and vu are too separate words…and yes =]

Answer #7

I get it a lot.

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