How can I stop feeling so depressed? Is this a part of life?

I just started college this fall. In high school I had really close friends, and I felt like I was living a good life. I wasnt the most popular person in school or anything like that, but I had friends that I cared about and who I thought cared about me. Now, in college, I’ve found some new friends and they seem like really good friends, but I still feel really lonely. I try to contact my old friends from high school, but everyone is caught up in their own lives, with their new friends, and I never get to see them. Its gotten so bad that I stopped trying to contact them and now I feel completely isolated. They are doing things without me and when I mention that we should hang out, they just say something like “yea we should…” but we never do. I feel so lonely and depressed that sometimes I just sit in my room and cry about, everything. Is this really a part of being in a new place? Is it just a transitioning phase? Because it seems as if im the only one feeling this way. Someone, please help me! I cant believe that im trying to get a degree in psychology but I cant even understand my own problems…

Answer #1

Sounds like you’re a bit homesick, you miss your old life. Everybody feels this way when they move to a new place. Pretty much everyone goes through that when they start college. Don’t give up on you’re original friends, they could be very busy at the time that you talk to them.

The next time you talk to them, ask them if they could set up a day and time that you guys could hang out. But if they’re busy at the time, just tell them you fully understand. Believe it or not, they probably miss you as well but they aren’t saying anything cause they don’t want you to feel bad. A lot of people are like that.

Just remember, you and them may have new friends, but the new friends can never replace you’re original friends, especially when they mean that much to you.

Answer #2

just go see a doctor and they will proscribe you with a medication called atavan/lorazepam, which works for depression cause I am going through that process and I currently take that medicine given to me by a councilor or psychiatrist.

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