How can I calm down?

Serously right now I’m at the point where I want to snap,give me tips on how I can

Answer #1

I kidnap and torture the person that pissed me off, dumping them into a barrell of homemade acid for a week to let it all brew.

just kidding. no…

I usually lay down and scream into my pillow, then proceed to beat the crap out of it and hit my bed with it. it’s pretty tiring. so you’ll get it out soon. listening to music helps, but a cd is better than radio since the commercials can make you even more pissed. just chill. ask your self if it’s still going to matter in a 3 months. chance are, it won’t matter tomorrow. it’s not that serious, dude. I hope… my parents drive me completely up the wall and are utterly insane in every meaning of the word, plus they’re European so God Help Me. but I used to slice the hell out of my arms and trash my room, drink do drugs, get in fights with people…you name it, I’ve done it all. None of that sh*t have to figure out how to get a grip and reason with your self to the best of your ability. It took me YEARS and a batallion of hard core happy/calm pills to deal with that everything. I’m surprised I didn’t kill anyone un to that point. It might just be something deep down that’s bothering you, and everything else just nit picks at you until you feel like this. ya know? why are you so angry anyway?

Answer #2

usually when I’m ready to strangle somebody for whatever reason I always listen to this song and it always helps me calm down I guess because it has a soothing affect.

No More Words-Ayumi Hamasaki

Answer #3

Hope this helps - you cannot change things you have no control over:

Merry Christmas !!

Answer #4

ok this is what you do…think it through…or you can share your feelings 2 people you trust

Answer #5

relax, watch t.v., drink tea, sleep, exercise, think positive

Answer #6

Run, work out, spar with a friend, scream, listen to music that calms you

Answer #7

punch a pillow or read a book

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