Calm Down?!?!

I don’t know different ways to calm down.

I’m just kinda freaking out about everything and it’s just to much.

Deep breathing just makes me madder and meditation and prayer don’t really do anything.

Anyone have any advice on different ways/things/yeah…

Answer #1

Think about a pleasant moment with Grandma? Bake some cookies? Do something that soothes you like a warm bath or light up some candles and sit in the dark with them and sip some hot cocoa?

Answer #2

think about how stupid mad people look, do you want to look like that? then chill out the only way to not be mad is to make a decision to not be mad

Answer #3

First you have to believe…what ever your faith is. It’s not an instant fix. All what you are going thru didn’t happen in an instant and it won’t go away in an instant. The deep breathing really does work, yoga, meditation, prayers above all, and if necessary, therapy. Or just talking about your problems to a parent, maybe a sibling, or someone you can trust helps. Think of all the things you can be thankful for and try to start from there.

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