Calming down?

So my mom has this annoying way of telling I should do my homework and everytime she does it it drives me NUTS. it’s like something just breaks inside of me and I get undescribebly pissed off. the only problem is, right after that I have to actually DO the homework and I can never focus because im too pissed off at my mom. So basically, how can I calm down really fast?

Answer #1

I call my best friend and just vent for a few minutes and that usually gets the anger outta me and then im done you can also try squeezing something really tight or screaming into a pillow or something that ususally works too

Answer #2

You should be thankful that your mom cares about you enough to be concerned that you are doing your homework. I was the same way that you are, and after 25 years I realize that my parents pestered me and “pissed” me off because they care about me and want what is best for me. Not saying it is not annoying, but I bet when you have kids you will be the exact same way. Instead of getting mad you should go hug your mom and tell her thank you because most parents could care less. Maybe you and your mom could come up with a plan that is less annoying and stressful for both of you.

Answer #3

Be nice to your mom.

Answer #4

You know that you need to do your homework, so do it BEFORE your Mom gets on your case.

(Yea, I know. I never followed that advice when I was growing up, either.) But it would work. Good Luck!!

Answer #5

Just clear you mind. Think calm body clear mind repetitively. As you do this let tension go starting with your forehead, shoulders, arms, back, legs and feet. It doesn’t really take that long and it helps a lot. Just make sure you don’t let thoughts of your mom slip back into your head because then it wont work. Then turn on some music and do your homework. :D I hope this helps.

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