How can I calm myself down?

Man me and this girl is in a argue right now. Man am super pee off right now. I want to try to calm myself down before I do something stupid.I mean I was sorta calm still she said something that crossed the line.and man I can’t stand when someone talk about how I speech. It something I hate the most. I swear..I hope someone run her over -.-. She deserve it but yea yea how do I calm down -.-

Answer #1

Don’t let her bring you down, if she waste her time talking about everyone else problem then she has the biggest of all. People try to get to you like that, some idiotic people likes to feed off of others misery it makes them feel better about themselves. But dont worry about your speech problem odds are you will grow out of it, but if want to get rid of it now then I suggest a speech therapist.

Answer #2

stay away from mates cus they just egg you on and make you feel worse

Answer #3

breath in and out a lot of times :)

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