How do I tell my parents that im going to be a scene kid?

How do I tell my parents that im going to b a scene kidd?

Answer #1

eh just say mum dad im going to b a scene kid lol

Answer #2

what is there to tell huh? I suggest just gradually changing rather than having the extrem look staight away, when you do it gradually for example chaning and item of clothing a week to a sean kid type and then eventually they will eather not have noticed or they will just be used to it, you shud wait a bit tho if yer gunna dye yer hair, lol they shuldn’t mind unless they are over 40 and have sent you to a school that you have to pay for.. (I don’t mean this affensivly by the way)) xxx bye

Answer #3

You don’t have to tell them anything, they will notice that you dress a bit differently and hopefully not make a big deal out of it.

Answer #4

What goes through the minds of youth today?

I don’t understand. When I was 18…I was just me.

scene, goth, emo, prep…whatever, just be you…it’s weird how kids decide what they are going to be, as if they are looking through a catalogue of possible identities. Its sad.

Answer #5

lol @ fau

Answer #6

I wouldnt even bother telling them I dont tell my parents how ioing to dress I find it more of my business and they usually dont mind

Answer #7

You don’t you just be one and they just adapt to it whether they like it or not!!

Answer #8

ehh you just don’t.

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