How to go scene?

ok im a normal person but im trying to go to the other side …be scene but I dont know how how do you guys do your makeup? your hair? and your clothes help!!!

Answer #1

try big hair for girls with lots of color and lots of hair spay teasing and cute and colorful clothing for guys try strait hair works usaly black

Answer #2

I just want to say…be yourself if you dont know how to become scene then you probably dont need to. I feel like maby you are like someone else that just wants to become scene because other people are. just be you that should be good enough!!! good luck

Answer #3

wth is scene

Answer #4

Well just always be yourself first of all and you should not be changing to fit someone elses image. Anyways I get ready normally my makeup I use bronzer, light mascara, and some white simmery eyeshadow just under my brow then some chapstick. My hair drys straight so I don’t really do much with it. It takes 10 minutes to curl but usually it’s straight usually I don’t even brush it and just looks decent for most of the time. Clothes I just buy what I like mostly for casual it’s ambercombie and american egale. For nights out it’s more dressy so I shop at artiza or bebe for cute dresses

Answer #5

[link removed]

That article explains a bit (:

Answer #6

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