goth kid and scene hair?

Ok well im goth and I want to get a scene hairstyle this summer could I do that or would it make me a poser or something? Im probably gonna do it no matter what you guys say im just curious

Answer #1

I dont think it would make you a poser. you wouldnt be acting like something your not. your just fixin your hair like you like it. =)

Answer #2

the minute you labeled yourself “goth”…you became a poser.

…let alone, even worrying about being a poser makes you a poser…

being “goth” or “punk” is about EXPRESSING your individuality. individuals dont LABEL themselves…they dont BELIEVE in LABELS,… and they dont CARE what anybody else thinks!!!

so whatever you are… goth poser punk ballerina whatever. do what YOU want with YOUR hair. F what everybody else thinks.

…but if your asking for an opinion… “scene” hair is hot. lol

remember… only soup cans need lables :)

Best of luck with your hair endevors…if your thinking of adding vibrant colors, go to a salon and have it done. bleaching on your own is a bad idea.

Answer #3

I totally agree with jgzp, but bleaching your hair at home isn’t going to kill you, I do it all the time, granted I do know what I’m doing.

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