piercings! how to convince my parents and where do I go?

ill be 16 soon, im trying to change my look and I want 3 more piercings than I already have. I alredy have two holes in each lobe of my ears and now I want a third hole in my left ear and a piercing in my tragus in my right ear. the only problems are I cannot seem to convince my mom to let me get them and im not sure where to go because I hear claires is bad and a lot of people get infections there. HELP!!!

Answer #1

yes, clarins is bad and horrible you should NEVER get it done by some inexperienced idiot at a salon or mall who uses the gun (this includes clarins) those people aren’t professional piercers’, they have no training no idea of what can go wrong and were not to pierce and the gun is full of germs from other peoples blood because they cant sterilize it also its blunt, which is about as good as shoving a nail through your skin it will make it take a lot longer to heal if you want a real piercing you get it done with a surgical steel needle the process is simple they clamp your ear, stick a hollow surgical steel needle through then thread the jewellery through the needle

as for your parents you can, at 16 get them done in most places without parental consent but your not 18 and its there house, and there rules so if they dont want you having them wait untill your 18 because then its completely your decision

Answer #2

ok, first of all your my age and im telling you by experience THINK IT THROUGH! Dont get it done if you cant see yourself with the same piercings in 5 years. Also be adult when talking to your parent, do your research, tell them that you understand the pros and cons, show them that you are mature enough to change your body.

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