can anyone tell me who scene people are

K so can anyone tell me who scene people are, they are a group just like there is an emo, punk, and gothic group. But what is there group about? Oh and is there any other group LIKE EMO GOTH PUNK SCENE?

Answer #1

scene is a stupid trend/stereotype that the blind and/or mentally unstable idiots of today think is “k00l”. if you want to be scene, you basically have to wear pounds of make-up, dress ugly, have a bad haircut, and have no life other than taking myspace pictures.

Answer #2

emo but instead of “emothional” I know I spelt that bad but im too lazy to fix it and sceene people are suppost to cause a “sceene” but its a stupid label for good people who dress bad.

Answer #3

You really don’t want to know. I wish I could erase the whole stupid trend.

I rant too much on here about scene kids but it’s not my fault there all f*ckwits.

Answer #4

kind of like emos, but they dress in bright colours and if they are girls then they have hello kitty and stufff on tshirts. go on youtube and type in scene kids.

Answer #5

tina and xxunderoath explaind it best hahaha

Answer #6

its a myspace trend

Answer #7

THERE PEOPLE!!!They wear eyeliner,skinny jeans

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