Going scence

Hey, im going scene , I have my friend, who is already scene helping me out, but im going to the mall to buy some clothes and accercories, can anyone tell me some stuff I need? O0o and im only 14

Answer #1

I know, im not doing it to be cool , im just doing it to be myself , because I get compared to everyone, so im doin this, plus I’ve always wanted to be scene

Answer #2

You don’t just randomly “go scene”… that’s what we call a POSER. Just be yourself - wear whatever you want. Don’t worry about fitting into stereotypes/lables.

Answer #3

haha yah, but I feel like being scene defines who I am, and if not ; ill just change back, cant be that hard, lol

Answer #4

yeah i agree with ^^^ you just dont go randomaly scene ; & it doesnt matter wuht u wear how u look if u amatch or not i now bcoz alot of my cousina re famous scene queens & so am i well workin on it but just exspress yhur self with cloths cloros & anything else & yeahhh

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