What Colour Goes With Bright Red Scene Hair ?

Ok.. Im Like.. Scene Kid.. And Have Bright Red Hair, But Im Bored Of It And I Wanna Put Some Colour In It.. But The Only Colour I Can Think Of That Would Go With It Is Black.. And That Boooriingg :) So Yeahh.. Any Suggenstions ? :) xx

Answer #1

Why Do You Put A Capital Letter At The Beginning Of Every Word?

Its kinda annoying. I would just put in black, you don’t wanna look like a traffic light… (red, orange, green…) lol =P

Answer #2

bright neon green and or blue

Answer #3

Purple would be kool exept when it starts to fade.

Answer #4

Lmao I didnt realise that I put a capital. Ima try stop :)

But yeah ill try the fire colours or purple :) Thanksss x

Answer #5

go with some fire like colors you already have red , so try adding so yellow and orange too =)

Answer #6


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