Can i help my baby to crawl?

Can I help my 8 months old baby to crawl? She wants to but her feet and toes are not helping matters. She'll get up and fall back flat again. What should I do?

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Let her be. She will figure it out at her own pace.

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Yes! She's a little young, but some babies do start walking at this age. Do *yourself* a favor and let baby develop on her own--because once she starts walking you won't be able to sit down for more than 30 seconds for several years!! Lol
I wanted my daughter to walk as well, but she was bottom heavy--her little fat butt kept weighing her down. I was glad it was later when at 16 mths she got up one day and took off and she's been going now for 14 years nonstop---that also goes for talking as well! Lol
Seriously, just keep her safe and let her develop on her own. (=

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Hmm, are you talking about walking or crawling? Some babies skip crawling all together and jump to walking... she may be one of those? But she's definitely in the age range of crawling...

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