Six month old baby, can she eat yogurt?

my baby is six and a half months,old can she eat yogurt?

Answer #1

yeah baby yogart is good for babys but my obgyn doctor told me that I should keep my baby on a bottle till hes one but its all what you think is best for your baby.

Answer #2

Yogurt is good… I’m sure it’s better than the bland baby food itself. :-)

Answer #3

My son is 1 now but when he was 6 months I fed him the yobaby yogurt. He loved it! Plain yogurt shoud be fine as well.

Answer #4

My daughter is 6 and a half months old and she eats yogurt. Vanilla yogurt… nothing else. She does well with it.

Answer #5

Yeah they do sell infant yogurt called babyyo or somthing like that.

Answer #6

yeah,my little sister is 5months and eats every thing

Answer #7

I think she can. As long as it’s not too much and not frozen.

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