Chances of pregnancy without a condom?

what are the chances of being prego w/o a condom?

Answer #1

Chances are extremely high. why do you think people have to use them? without one you are playing with fire.

Answer #2

There are too many things to consider here, so I can’t really give you an average statistical risk (especially for people your age). I will simply say that the risk is serious enough to stop smart people from doing it. Having unprotected sex is asking for trouble (assuming you do not want a child). If condoms impede on pleasure, etc, try to explore other avenues, such as contraceptive pills or any other such products.

Answer #3

If 100 women were to have sex regularly over the period of 1 year 83 of them would become pregnant. Hope this gives you an indication of how easy it is to get pregnant and how important condoms are IF you are considering a sexual relationship.

Answer #4

Well, duh. there’s a massive risk (if you’re not on any special medication to stop pregnancy; the pill, implant etc…)! thats a wee bit obvious. Most people think that if the guy pulls out just before he comes, you’ll be safe - but that is untrue. So either, get on the pill or something, or use a condom - and use common sense!

Answer #5

unless your using birth control, extreemly high your also a lot more likley to catch an sti/std do learn more about sex before you go off having it

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