Any chance of pregnancy without ovulating?

Is there ANY chance of a female getting pregnant without ovulating, I’ve heard that there is but then again I’ve heard there isn’t.

Answer #1

The fact that it’s hard to determine exactly when you’re ovulating (every woman does NOT ovulate on the 14th day of her cycle) coupled with the fact that sperm can live in the vagina for up to 7 days… it makes the window(where you won’t get pregnant) very slim and hard to pinpoint.

In order to tell when you ovulate you would have to be using a method called fertility charting or fertility awareness. It involves taking your basal body temperature and checking your cervical mucous daily and charting it. Changes denote when you could be ovulating. Charting over a long period will give you a good average of when you ovulate… but even still our cycles change and things happen in our lives that effect our cycles. (stress, physical demands, illness etc)

Your best bet is to use a reliable form of birth control. Contact your health care physician or gyno.

xox Sika

Answer #2

Ok. If you don’t ovulate, then you can’t get pregnant. That’s it.

Now figuring out when you ovulate is a different story, and you most probably will ovulate every month until menopause, when ovulation stops completely. So use protection!

Answer #3

It takes an egg to be pregnant, but it is very hard to tell when you are ovulating. And you can release more than one egg in a cycle. Even in the wrong part of the cycle. So unless you mean that the ovaries have been removed, how can you be sure if you ovulated? A normal, healthy gal who has started having periods and is not on birth control, can get pregnant during any part of her cycle. It is MUCH more likely at certain times, but always at least a little possible. You might be able to contact Jackson Women’s Health Organization‎ for more info on this. (601) 366-2261 Good Luck!!

Answer #4

you can’t always tell by testing or by guessing so just say yes and protect yourself…trust me on this

Answer #5

Yes. Chances aren’t overly high but it can definitely happen. I know someone that got pregnant during her period, which is rare.

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