What are the chances of pregnancy?

Hey, Im on the birthcontrol pill (i have been for 2 months) & i take it the exact minute at the right time everynight. And when me & my boyfriend have s*x he pulls out before he cums. I know we should also be useing condoms, & i have some, but are we safe enough with the birthcontrol pill & the pull out method? What are the chances of pregnancy?

Answer #1

I have been on birth control pill for about 4 years and it’s better if you did use a condom but i live with my boyfriend now and it’s about a year and we don’t use condoms and i still have not gotten pregnant but their is a chance that you can get pregnant..

Answer #2

If you take the pill every single day and at the same time every day, then it is about 99% effective all on its own even if he ejaculates inside of you.

If you ever forget to take a pill, then you might want to use a condom for backup.

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