What's the chances of pregnancy with birth control and a condom?

Whats the percent of a chance that i could get pregnant on the birth control pill & wearing a condom? Both with proper use.

Answer #1

Very low i would say, im just taking the pill and havnt got pregnant, make sure you take them right and you will be fine, especially as you are using condoms too.

Answer #2

Well when you go get the birth control,they will tell you all that…better to ask a professional. It will all be confidential

Answer #3

well look at it this way, i have sex without a condom YES I KNOW PEOPLE with my boyfriend of a year and a half and he pulls out before he cums. and i have not gotten pregnant. there is a lot of couples who do indeed practice this method but it is never a reliable form of birth control because some men can feel when they are about to cum and some men dont. so thats where the risk is at. i love posting my advice because for some reason someone usally calls me dumb lol HOPE THIS HELPS :) TRUST ME YOURE FINE!!!!!

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