Chances of pregnancy without penetration?

Hey, when I was with my girlfriend I wanked in front of her and well, I then wiped it off off my hands like were my thumb is and maybe mallest bit on fingers wiped off with dirty underwear or a sock, then I fingered her, she was wondering would that get her pregnant..? I told her no, Would it?

Answer #1

If sperm comes into the contact, there is still a chance for pregnancy, even without penetration.

Answer #2

Actually the answer above is incorrect. It is highly unlikely in your case that your girl friend will become pregnant over this. If any come was to enter your girlfriends vagina then there is a possiblity she could get pregnant. So to make sure your girlfriend doesnt become pregnant make sure your hands are clean from come, and also if you decide to have sex, use contriception Hope thats helped x

Answer #3

well, she could but tell her to take a Plan B thing you see on comersials. she could be but you knever know. sperm can still be alive wherever it is still moist. unless you want a kid, reserch plan b and get some. the sooner she gets it the better.

Answer #4

probably not. I wouldnt worry about it. only sex can do that

Answer #5

Yeah, its possible. But very, very unlikey.

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