Chance of pregnancy?

ok soo I had this hook up the other night and we didn’t use a condom the second time but he never actually got off cause we were interupted. Then a week l8r I went to the doctor and got on birthcontrol(I know that I probably should of been on it before) and I was on my period this week. Now I think its getting close to my period time again but I have tenderness in my boobs and a white heavy discharge and scary pregnancy dreams. Please tell me if theres a chance I’m pregnant or if it could be something else.

Answer #1

maybe. you should get a prego test. you just might be pregnant. it depends. but you do have some of the signs. so its possible. hope that your not pregnant. if you are good luck. hope I helped.

Answer #2

Many of those effects sound like things that can be brought on by the birth-control drug itself. The simple answer is to make use of pregnancy tests and other such things. Go to the chemist and get some home pregnancy tests and use them over the next fortnight or so. Whether or not he actually climaxed isn’t exactly the issue. Some sperm can be released during the process before an orgasm is reached. You should be fine, but do take the precaution of taking pregnancy tests. One can never be too cautious in a situation like this.

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