Help bad stomach pain afraid it might be apendic mom won't listen!!

Ok well I was up at 2:30 am easterntime with the worst stomach pains in my 14 years of living. It was from the bottom if my stomach to the top of my rib cage. Well I couldn’t go back to sleep cause it hurt so much. Then I finally did. And woke up again at 4:30 am I went to my mom hystarical in tears and told here what happend after that I went back to bed till 9:00 and now the pain starts at my belly button and end at the bottom of my stomach. I looked online at your apendix or watever and I have some of the symptoms and my mom won’t belive me ands yelling at me telling me it menstrul cramps or from eating to Much ice cream last nite ( cause I’m lactose intorernt) well I no what menstural cramps and hving to much ice cream feels like and it isn’t it! What do you guys think. Please help me I’m afaid it is my appendix and itwill Burst :( thanks

Answer #1

Frankietory: Calling 911 is bad advice. They are not an information line but rather an emergency service request line.

It could just be an ulcer but if it is still bothering you then it is definitely time to go see your doctor, or at least your school nurse.

Answer #2

call nine one one, and tell them you just have some questions, they will be understanding, don’t tell them its an emergency just say that you wanted to see if it is a possibility! then if you go to school ask your school nurse about it. good luck, I hope its not your appendix.

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