Why do I have a really bad stomach ache and nausea?

Dude,I’ve had this stomach ache for about a week now,followed by nausea. I’ve tried eating little things,like granola bars. I’ve tried drinking water,and tons of it. I’ve even tried not eating,and that did not help. I haven’t thrown up at all,but my stomach hurts,and does right now. After I eat my stomach burns a little bit,then turns to pain,and I’m also nauseous afterwards. Yes,I did abuse pain medications such as ibuprofen and asiprin,and yes,I used to smoke cigarettes,drink (not much at all;I didn’t really like it),and smoke mary jane. I used to pop pain medication like candy and drank cough syrup here and there. Yes I am sober now,completely. Also,I worry a lot,and stress out all the time. What the hell is up with me? My mom only knows that I’ve smoked and drank,but not the abusement of pain meds. How can I tell her that I used to do that so she can understand my problem a little bit more? Thank you, Xoxo.

Answer #1

Sounds like a stomach ulcer… or the devil… hah! n___n

Either way… go see your doctor.

Answer #2

Based on your description, and the the things you’ve done to yourself, I’d have to say it’s pretty likely that you have a ulcer … see a doctor.

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