I have really bad stomach pains.

Right below my waistline I always get really pains. It used to be a few times a week but now its all the time. I have to take pain meds before I run because any type of exercise makes it hurt really bad. I cant even do certain things with the guy im dating when I get them and its all the time. I m aboslutely not going to the doctor, the last time I went they started pushing on my stomach and it hurt really bad, I wanted to puke. that was over a year ago and its so much worse now. do you know any home remedies?

Answer #1

Simply a Rose to brighten your day, And maybe lessen the cares in your way; And also, too, to help you to know, That in knowing you, many others grow!

   Would you really accept advice from someone who doesn’t know what’s wrong with you?

It’s your choice whether or not to go to the doctor, but it’s also your life and body. If you want to be / get well you need to do what it takes to get well. In this case I think it might include a visit to the doctor or a clinic, no matter what experiences you have had in the past.

Answer #2

eat more

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