Why Do I Get Really Bad Stomach Pains After Smoking Pot?

I’m a regular pot smoker I usually do it a couple times a day but I get really bad stomach paind to the point where I’m in tears and puking every 2 minutes. But if I smoke again the pain goes away.

Why do I get these stomach pains after smoking pot

Answer #1

well personally, im usually fine unless I smoke, ignore my munchies, then try to eat the next day. I know it messes with your metabolism and in turn your appetite, just not sure how. I’d try cutting down a bit, it may be the ammount you are smoking, how youre smoking, the actual quality. maybe try switching dealers? just keep trying things untill something works is my best advice.

Answer #2

It’s because you eat like a cow when you get high.And hush your fussin, I made it better anyways. love youu. : )

Answer #3

Dont smoke pot, its bad bad for you, i dont smoke anything,

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