Is there a gender in Heaven?

Is there a gender in heaven???

Answer #1

If by gender you mean male/female…yes there will be male/female From the Islamic perspective, all those that will enter heaven according to their good deeds will all be:

  • the equal age of 33,
  • all will be married before they enter
  • if they are married on earth, then they will enter as the married couple on earth
  • if they are not married, they will be given the opportunity to choose who they marry
  • if they cannot find the one they want to marry, Allah (God) will create another male/female whom they will be satisfied to marry
  • there will not be jealousy
  • The bodies of those in heaven will be so beautiful and clean that the husband will see his reflection in his wife and v/v
  • the beauty of those in heaven will increase continually to no extent

I can go on only if you are intrested to know more from the islamic perspective…I don’t want to feel like im wasting my fingers typing lol

Answer #2

The bible is rather vague about gender but it does say, “they will not marry or be given in marriage but will be as the angels in heaven.” Matt. 22: 29-30. And in 1 John 3:2 it says, “that when he shall appear we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” I believe irishtomboy has it right though, we will be spirits in a spiritual world. I don’t think anyone really knows what the substance of a spirit is or if it even has a substance as we know it.

Answer #3

It also says that we will know as we are known, so, I believe that we will retain our identity. We will recognize all the characters out of the bible. Jesus gave us an example of what our glorified bodies will be like, when he was resurrected, and returned to the Father to be glorified, he could eat, and be touched, yet he could also go thru doors without opening them. And the love there will be so pure, there will be no need of marital love, or family love, nor sexual love, I believe we will be completely 100% satisfied, just being in the atomsphere of love surrounding us all the time, there will be no need for anything, just as it was in the garden, before the fall of man. Walking and talking with the God of the universe, learning the facts that we may have lacked down here, without any pain or heartache, peace and joy forever more…

Answer #4

I don’t know… I’ve never been to heaven.

Answer #5

in Heaven there aren’t genders because everybody will be spirits not humans and will get new bodies

Answer #6

if there is gender it turns to hell..!!!

Answer #7

probably not. . . . .

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