Can you use gel eyeliner on both the top and bottom eye?

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but i recommend to only use on top eye and pencil or crayon eyeliner on bottom eye

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because its more comforable and it looks better to me ususally

Answer #5

and it lasts longer

Answer #6

Pencil eyeliner doesn’t last or always show up, that’s why I’m going to a different type of eyeliner and I hate liquid.

Answer #7

. I was about to ask that myself ….. .

Answer #8

liquid is too harsh and it looks stupid making it really dark pencil lasts really good if you know how to acaully put it on i do my eyeliner with brown pencil nd it cn last 2 days and thats with touching my face

Answer #9

I know how to use eyeliner? I’ve tried 5 different brands and some different colors. I only use really dark eyeliner too.

Answer #10

Yes you can. Find some way to dry your waterline a bit so it is easier to apply. Apply it using an angle brush, it makes it easier. Don’t put too much though :/ it can look way too harsh. You can also put a little and just smudge it across to make it look less harsh. Along with that to prevent smudging, as the waterline does get wet more, putting a bit of eyeshadow ontop of the gel eyeliner on the waterline helps. I like putting a bright purple ontop of the black :D makes it stand out a little. Although, I would listen to what other people say first haha, I don’t use makeup often.

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Yes, i wear it on the top and bottom all the time.

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