Can I use regular hair gel instead of eye brow gel?

I need to get some kind of eyebrow gel because I always find myself having to fix them because the hairs start standing up and going all ovr the place. I heard somewhere you can use regular hair gel instead, because it does the same job. Is that true?? can I do that??

Answer #1

I would assume it does the same job, since its still for your hair, just your hair on a different part of your body

Answer #2

You know a good thing to do is to buy a pair of little scissors used for cuticles and brush your eyebrows straight up and trim the excess hair that is sticking up. You can even use a small straight comb and comb through your eyebrow, bring it up a little bit and trim over the comb while it’s on your eyebrow. I’m sorry if I made that sound confusing. I do it to my eyebrows because they used to get like that…problem solved! They also sell a gel like substance in a tube that looks like mascara but it’s clear mascara…I’ve put that on my eyebrows before (it’s found in the same isle as mascara) and it combs through them and keeps them secure without looking like you have any on. It’s very cheap too!

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