What colour eyeliner should I wear with brown eyes?

I have brown eyes, they’re pretty light, but not light enough to be hazel brown. Lots of people have told me I have very pretty eyes, but I want to make them stand out a bit using glitter eyeliner. What colour do you guys think I could use? Also if anyone has any useful tips on what I can do with eye make up to make my eyes stand out a bit more??

Answer #1

I have brown eyes too, what I do to make them stick out is usually put a green or blue eyeliner on top and bottom of my eyes.

Use lots of bright colors to make your eyes stick out! Try using a bright blue maybe even with blue mascara! I’ve tried it, and it makes your eyes look great!

What I’ve done before is also mixed up colors. Like blue eyeliner on the bottom, and green eyeshadow on the top also try purple and pink!

Tons of really good bright colors to help them stick out :D But I prefer blue and green the best!

Answer #2

You can do almost anything with brown eyes. Almost any eyeshadow color and eyeliner looks good with it. I have brown eyes too and I like to use gray or black eyeliner. But mostly gray. Purple or even blue eyeliner looks nice too. If you want your eyes to stand out then don’t use brown eyeliner or any brown eyeshadow colors. Use anything that’s the opposite of brown and that will help your eyes stand out. Hope this helps!

Answer #3

purple is perfect for brown eyes =)..rimmel has a really good purple eyeliner

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