Eyeliner and mascara, how to make blue eyes pretty?

what do different color eyeliners do? Ummm also how to put it on and whats the best type of eyeliner? oh and do you put mascara on the top and/or bottom of eye lashes? I have blue eyes and want to no how I can make them pretty.. Any suggested? ( any websites or whatever) thank you!!!

Answer #1

Hey, I would say blackkk thin it looksss ahmazinggg on my bff well it alwaysss depends what color blueee you could alwayss thry though let me know hoe it worksss for you thanksss.(:

Answer #2

for blue eyes yuo could wear either blue or black eyeliner. my friend wears blue and it brings out her pretty blue eyes (:

Answer #3

I use eyeliner crayon and yew can get tht from Target.. i put mascara mostly on the top buht if yew get a lil on the bottom its ohk.I have blue blue blue eyes and its simple and sexy if yew put eyeliner on the waterline thin and on the top just a little thick. Hope i helped:]

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