Funny joke

A friend just tole me this one the other day

Ok so theres this pirate ship just sailing around the caribeans when they run into a british warship. the british ship attacks them so the captain looks at his first mate and says “go get my red shirt”, so the first mate gets his red shirt and the battle rages on and the pirates win. so the first mate asks the captain, why did you ask for your red shirt. so the captain reply’s. well I didn’t want to demoralize the men in case I got shot. first mate says, oh well that makes sense, good thinkin. and about a week or so later there still sailing around and come across and entire armoda of english ships. captain looks at his first mate and say’s, “go get my brown pants”.

I think its funny as hell, what you think.

Answer #1

Um, I’ve heard it before and honestly? I think that’s stupid. it’s not funny at all. but then again, im a girl. I think most guys would think it’s funny.

Answer #2

I laughed when I heard that joke but its offa blue collor comedy tour

Answer #3

haha I dont reallly get it but thats the stuff I laugh at!!!

Answer #4

I actually like it. Don’t worry about the people with no sense of humor ;)

Answer #5

haha I thought it was funny :]

Answer #6

that joke is so old everyone knows that joke

Answer #7

lol, brown pants in case he sh*ts himself

Answer #8

I dont get it.

Answer #9

STUPID. Boys are so iM ature

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