Is he worth my time?

I’m in 7 th grade and me and my best friend have been friends for 4 years ,theres this guy and in my period 6 class that I absolutly luv ,but not real love I dont no what that is, and hes funny and always making the whole class laugh but the wierd thing is that when he does something funny or makes a joke he checks to see my reaction and I always catch him staring at me and he says he doesnt like me. me and my 2 best friend will talk about guys and when I talk about him they say he is a trouble maker and I shouldn’t get mixxed in with him and that hes a jerk and if I was ina relationship with him hed want sex but I’ve never seen that side of him and hes always nice to me and listens and always does what I ask so what I really want to know is does he like me and is he worth it if I could lead to sex when we’re only 12 and 13 , when we’re really good friends?

Answer #1

well if he says he doesn’t like you, then he doesn’t… it’s really not worth your time to be liking that horndog if he doesn’t feel the same way.

Answer #2

well first of all are u guys freinds?if not make friends and if he shows signs that he likes you then ask him out but if you guys are friends then ask your 1 of your friends to ask 1 of his friends if he likes you and if they say no then he doesn t but if they say yes then ask him out

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