Crotch will feel damp against my legs, smells funny, why?

right.. for the last few days ill be doing what I do everyday and ill sit down an come on my laptop an then my crotch will feel damp against my legs so ill feel an it is slightly damp an smells funny inside of my pants are kind of wet too.. I've never had sex or anything.. someone please help me

thanks. x

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ha funny thing because that happens to me too but I donth think is nothign seroius remember thats a part of our body that never realy gets to see the "outised" like our other part do you know what I mean I damp because its not gettin air uk

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it sounds like a sweat rash or joch itch that has turned into a fungal infection, if it persists go to your chemist and ask about anti fungal creams like canestan or daktarin or see a doctor, wash area regularly. good luck!

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its probably the heat from the bottom of your laptop making your down below sweat.

laptops get very hot

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assmuncher122 your stupid!!!

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your going to die~!

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