What do you think about guys with funny accents ?

What do chicks think of guys with funny accents ? Like turn on ? turn off ? Sexy , stupid etc ?

Answer #1

I think its cute and funny at some point

Answer #2

I agree with haloyeah, If they know how to rock the accent then it’s sexy! But if they are annoying and all then it just annoys me.

Answer #3

I think it’s a turn on. It’s kinda funny but sexy at the same time. But you shouldn’t be judged on the way you speak. Even if it is sexy;)

Answer #4


Answer #5

I dont know I sometimes think that is just so cute!! but I thinkk it also depends on the guy, meaning based on the pesonality you know.

Some guys act stupid and their accent just anoys you and sometimes their accent is cute when they are swet and respectful and know the line. But that is just my opinion.

Answer #6

Depends what kind.European is HOT!!!(To me lol!)Sexy,smooth.Passionate.I don’t know why,I just think they are hot!Lol!Some girls think they are stupid,but hey.Their choice.

Answer #7

It’s cute :)

Answer #8

I love a man with an irish accents

Answer #9

I’ve got a uber sexy accent and thats that lmao

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