Actually Funny Jokes?

What are some jokes you’ve heard that are actually funny. None that are sexist or racist. I’m blonde but I’m cool with dumb blonde jokes if they’re funny.

Answer #1

I know that one.LOL!

Answer #2

Pretty funny, thanks!

Answer #3

a blonde walks into an electric store and asks the sales man to bye the tv shes looking at. the salesman tells her that her cant sell merchandise to blondes so she leaves. two hours later she comes bac wearing a brown wig and asks to bye the tv. again he tells her he cant sell to blondes. she leaves and comes bac wearing a red wig. and asks to buy the tv. again the man tells her he cant sell to blondes. finally she asks him how he knows shes a blonde and he says “because thats not a tv, its a microwave.”

Answer #4

uhh…a blond went in a shoe store asking for alligator shoes and the guy said sorry we dont sell them here so the blonde got frustrated and left…later the shoe store guy was leaving work and drove by the pond and saw the blond hauling an aligator out the water. she turned it on its back and said damn this one isn’t wearing any shoes either… haha ya not that funny but whatver

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