What is the best fast but healthy food drive through?

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That all depends on what you order. Almost every fast food place has healthy options now - its up to you to order them and not the greasy foods that are tempting.

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I want healty hamburgers but with real meat, I want to uncalorizied chcolates, I want delicious pizzas without fat.

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Subway has a drivethru?

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some of them do

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oh the one where i live doesn't :(

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I have 4 Subways around me and they all have drive thru

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In-N-Out. I don't know of many drive thrus that have healthy pizzas without fat. In fact, there are none.

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I can't eat pizza because i am allergic to the sauce but if i could i would :)

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only if you put healthy stuff on there is it healthy

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Most fast food places have healthy options. I can't think of a fast food spot that's solely healthy, but there definitely are healthier options. But, just so you know, don't go to Mcdonalds and get a salad and expect that you're being healthy. The caesar salad (with all the dressing) has as many calories as the big mac does.

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if your from USA, then Go green, or Taco bell :L
And if in UK, subway or roll away bread store :l
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O my gosh!! i thought i had been eating sort of healthy :O

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Mmm i thought wendys.

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