Do you agree with the idea of Communism?

Communism is a type of SOCIETY(not government) in which no money exists, everyone provides some sort of service, or type of item, and and when you need somehting, you take it, and as long as you do your job, everything balances out. Everyone is treated FAIRLY(keep in mind there is a difference between fair, and equal, and equal doesnt always mean fair) Communism was thought of by a german philosopher, named Marx, and his philosophy, Marxism, is sorta based on communism.

Do you believe Communism is a good idea? No more poverty, no more false info being passed around by new stations or tabloids, because they have nothing extra to gain from it, no more wars(also keep in mind, if communism would work, which it never will, that every country in the world would have to turn communist). Everything bad we see in this world would slowly dissipate.

Just in case there is anyone wondering “if communism is so perfect, then why don’t we change?”, Communism will never work, because there is always someone who wants power, which is why, during the mid-1900’s, the U.S. vowed to go agaisnt communism, because dictators(Stalin, Hitler, Clemencio, etc.) rose from socialist countries, the “wannabe” of communism.

Answer #1

Ideally communism is a kind of utopia… but people will always want more… so yes it is a good idea, but in the real world it will never work…

Answer #2

Communism only works on a very small scale, at the community or small town level, where there can be mutual trust in everyone and all will agree to contribute to the good of the whole group..

Communism on a national scale cannot work because at that level not everyone will do their job, or be relied upon to make a contribution.

Answer #3

I’m not opposed to people living in communistic societies, as long as it’s voluntary rather than compulsory.

Communism works only on paper. All historical attempts to bring it about have rapidly collapsed. The USSR, China, and others are communist only on paper. In reality, they are dictatorships.

Answer #4

unfortunately mankind are generaly sinners lol

greed and selfishness are very common human traits, even within those who dont realise it.

wont be long till eurasia is my home country though :P

/george orwell

Answer #5

I need to remember that my written word expresses no emotion. a classless, stateless society…SOUNDS great. obviously I meant (well at least to me) that what sounds great and what works are two different things. I guess that I should have put that in capitals. sorry.

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Answer #7

I do think as a long term trend that we will inch closer to collectivism.

Like I said earlier, communism works best in small homogenous groups.

The world is getting smaller and more homogenous every day. In as few thousand years the various “races” will intermarry enough that we will all look the same. Travel and communication will make the world community seem smaller. We are already in the process of working toward a world government (EU, NAFTA, etc). Perhaps one day the world will be one big happy family.

Answer #8

Communism is eternally defeated by human nature - we don’t actually WANT to be equal, unfortunately. The idea is great but the practice stinks.

Answer #9

Historically communism has only worked in homogenous groups.

In times of disaster the first thing that usually happens is that the concept of private property disolves. All resources are pooled for everyone’s mutual survival. This is a temporary arrangement though. Once sufficient resources are available the social agreement dissolves.

To date the most successful working examples of communalism has been in religious communities. There are orders of nuns where they are not even allowed to sleep on the same cot every night because they may begin to think of it as being theirs.

Communism seems rather hard to do in large heterogenus groups.

Answer #10

eh its fine.

One thing that gets me is why everyone keeps trying to say that it won’t work. I KNOW IT WON’T EVER WORK, I HAVE IT STATED IN THE QUESTION. sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I was just wondering if people actually liked the idea. I got into an arguement with someone, and they said communism was retarded and that why would we want to waste time with that, and ruin the purpose of life, basically competing. That pissed me off, because he was missing the whole point of it. Just trying to prove a point, that most people would much prefer to have a sort of “Utopia”, then a corrupt, unfair, misrepresenting government that revolves around money. I guess he’s one of those people who would ruin it for us if we did go with communism…

Answer #11

Huh? I’m pretty sure there is greed in China.

Answer #12

communism can only exist in the absence of human greed.

Answer #13

almost all of you kinda repeated what I said, but trickynick, I think you missed the whole idea of it.

Answer #14

Uhm lol, so your question is whether people would want this ideal world? (isnt that kinda obvious…) anyone who disagrees is either republican (ok im kidding, sort of…) or doesnt get the idea of communism… or was obviously brought up around the time the ussr was feared… I wouldnt get personal though, everyone would ruin it for the rest of us… people do not do things for the greater good, it goes against human nature, and well “surivival of the fittest” nature in all living things… communism in its purest form in a great thing… but the reason everyone feels the need to clarify their position is that agreeing with something in an ideal world and wanting to put it into practise are two different things, and not everyone gets that distinction…

Answer #15

a classless, stateless society…sounds great!

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