What is socialist and why is communism bad?

wow second one of the day! lol but seriosuly, what is socialist? and why is communism bad? and what is the difference between fascism and a dictatorship?

Answer #1

You really asked a mouthful there. People spend their entire adult lives studying some of these questions. We’ll paint with very broad strokes here.

  1. Socialism is a system in which the wealth of a community or government is distributed by the community or government as a whole. Basically, many or all of the needs of the populace are seen to by the government, but this of course results in individuals in the community having much less of their own money to do with as they please.

  2. Communism is not necessarily “bad,” because as a concept or an idea, it makes a lot of sense – everyone contributes as much as they are able to the community as a whole, and the community in turn gives back to each person as much help as they need. Unfortunately, this tends to lead very quickly to forced labor, political repression of criticism, and the cracking down on personal freedoms in order to keep the whole system moving.

  3. There’s a few differences between a fascist government and a dictatorship. The main one is that a dictator is one person with sole control of the government, and he or she has usually seized power by force. A fascist government often contains all the regular parts of any other government (head of state, parliament, et cetera)is one that attempts to, in a nutshell, make every one of its citizens think, act, and behave in the same way in order to conform to some sort of political or cultural ideal. As you can imagine, this results in the loss of an enormous amount of personal freedom.

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