What are some good ideas for a new image of " Uncle Sam"?

I have a project and it’s to create a new image of Uncle Sam. An image where uncle sam can represent a new century/ lifestyle. please give me some ideas as to how uncle sam should look like: young or old? his clothing? any props? technology?

Answer #1

Make him look like a hobo

Answer #2

Why not make a women? Why not like Aunt liberty or something lol I don’t know

Answer #3

I got one!

do uncle sam in gangster clothes, living in mississippi :) as a young person. holding a stereo

do it do it!


Answer #4

lol I gotta agree with the person above

A gangsta Uncle sam

with a brick wall behide him with some spray painting on it.

put a grill in his mouth that say (freedom)

then have like 2 half naked girls on each side of him

put a blunt in his ear to.

for his clothes put some coogi jean and shirt on with some fresh kicks. with a ring or 2 on his finger. give him a tattoo to.

or put the police in it with them arresting him. LOLL

Answer #5

Find Joe-Six-Pack holding a sign that “Millions on welfare want YOU! To work harder.”

Answer #6

Make him obscenely fat and lazy looking, sitting on top of a pile of money coming off a printing press, wearing a t-shirt that says “Stimulate This”.

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