Who agrees with National Socialism?

how many people out there believe that NS is the way to go? I think its a fair question to ask people out there.

Answer #1

historically socialism is a failing belief, look at the former USSR for your example of the failure and take a look at china for a current example, socialism is generally so strict that it’s citizens can not truly act in a free manner. socialism is not the way that the US should go.

Answer #2

In the short run, the lower class benefits as resources are redistributed. But very quickly, those resources get used up, and there is no effective way of replacing them, so everyone is poor and miserable…except the politicians of course.

National socialism has been tried and failed many times. Marx was a moron who could barely tie his own shoes.

Answer #3

National socialism is not the same thing as socialism. The Nazis were national socialists. National socialism is against communism and capitalism.

Answer #4

it depends, for a nation. an country competitive and valuing individualism, such as the US or Britain, capitolism is the most productive route. But in the case of people who have the mindset of working as a team on everything, like sweden, it is easier and has a good result. But in the case of china, or in the past the USSR, the general socialist idea was “the greater good”, it only limits the freedom and potential of the people

Answer #5

As said before, redistribution of wealth. Biggest problem with this is that the people who are normally successful and hard-working realize that they’re going to get paid as much as the guy sitting in the hamoc, so they lose the motivation to be hard-working and successful. Thus, we quickly lose those resources from which we were “redistributing”.

And it’s happening today. Before long, 50-60% of our incomes will be going to the government so they can “take care of everyone”. You know, with this whole health care mess and all.

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