Ideas for curbing piracy off the coast of Somalia

After this latest incident off the coast of Somalia its even obvious that some thing needs to be done about these pirates. Its clear in my mind that country’s that have heavy shipping that passes through the area have the responsibility to protect their trade and need to have a larger naval presence in the area. Also the company’s that ship through the area need to protect their crew and their business so its also in their best interest to help defend their ships, one way they could go about that would be to have security groups aboard their ships, these massive tankers and cargo ships carry millions of dollars worth of goods, they can afford to pay a security company like blackwater to defend their ship until the threat of piracy is reduced.

But those are just some of my ideas, how do you guys feel about this problem.

Answer #1

Agree, they need to be armed for protection - the pirates will look elsewhere or be eliminated.

Answer #2

I think they took care of all that crap already.

Answer #3

lol toss in a stealth bomber for good measure

Answer #4

I think the usa should lure a trap out and capture or kill them

just like say “come outside I has candy” and have 8 US destroyers waiting thats my idea.

Answer #5

it’s like trying to capture all the random suicide bombers… not going to happen… the ships need to have their own defenses…

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