Would you agree or disagree ?

Bloggers - I just saw on MSNBC these comments in made reference to Bloggers: “You’re nothing more than “nitwits at home with [your] computers” who’ve deluded yourselves into imagining you’re “part of the news media.” - Would you agree or disagree ?

Answer #1


I read the transcript. The whole thing was silly. Mika Brsesinski is an idiot. That whole show is stupid, and they do tend to harp on meaningless stories.

Answer #2

I’m not amblessed but I can do the research. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2008/05/28/barnicle-bloggers-nitwits-who-think-theyre-part-news-media I bet that made Him real popular. . . I notice MSNBC seems to have removed it from there data base.

Answer #3

I would disagree because he or she souldn’t be calling noone niwits. If they call us that then that mean they are nitwits too. So, don’t worry about what they say on msnbc.

Answer #4

no. I dont fully agree, b/c not ALLbloggers are blogging on news…some is just of themselves…like when celebs have myspace and they blog…and not “everyday people” blogs on news…some do but thats their business not MSNBC

Answer #5

I disagree because I think we all have an important role to play. “News” is not just the 10 o’clock business any more. It’s all of us reading and writing and sharing our views with each other. Ideas travel all over the globe and we have opportunities to tackle issues now like we never have before.

I don’t think the internet has made us nitwits. I think it has empowered us.

Answer #6

The quote was former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle - WaPo editorial writer Jonathan Capehart agreed.

Answer #7

Totally disagree.

Answer #8

As usual, I’m a fan of jimahl’s strong language. These are ridiculous comments to make, given how incredible useful the internet blog has become for sharing ideas. flossheal gave a superb example. The blog is here to stay. It’s created a more active and informed citizenry.

Answer #9

Apparently with the recent California fires, bloggers managed to put out safety alerts and inform those in danger faster than the emergency services! People are seriously considering creating info-blog websites to quickly share information at times of emergency. There are other great things going on with blogs too - surely they are as good or bad as the person writing them, not to be ‘pigeonholed’.

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