Good idea or Bad idea ?

As a reminder of the federal government’s limited powers, 20 representatives want to ensure that every single piece of legislation passing through Congress includes a statement citing specific constitutional authority for enacting it - Good idea or Bad idea ?

Answer #1

I don’t know tomany big words for me sorry =/

Answer #2

It’s a noble idea, but will have no effect. They already justify everything they do with either the interstate commerce clause, or the ‘elastic’ clause.

Answer #3

Good idea I think…Back when the constitution was first written strict constitutionists wanted it to be that you had to make anything an amandment before it could go into effect. That may have been a bit of a hassle I think this so called economic stimulus has opened peoples eyes that they should be more careful as to what they pass while what your speaking of isnt as harsh as what I mentioned I think it will be a good choice on making people explain wht they are trying to pass before it is passed.

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